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Aesthetic Tooth Surgery

Perfect teeth are not enough for an aesthetic smile. The teeth that capture the teeth and are part of the smile should also be healthy and perfect. The importance of teeth whitening should also apply to your teeth. Aesthetic tooth surgery, also known as pink aesthetics, enables you to get a completely esthetic smile. When smiling in the picture, while laughing in society, the fact that your teeth look healthy also contributes to the person’s self-confidence. This increases the satisfaction of these aesthetic patients, which provides integrity in the aesthesia of the smile. At My Doctor, he performs works in harmony and complements each other for a wonderful smile.

What is aesthetic tooth treatment?

Aesthetic tooth treatment is a tissue-shaping procedure. Defects in the tooth tissue can be removed or curon extension can be done. It is done by microchirurgical method.
Why do you do tooth removal surgery?
Dynamic and youthful smile and healthy appearance in a person’s daily life. The teeth are made more pronounced by surgery to reduce the teeth. Turkish tooth decrease surgery is carried out in Turkey to re-shape the teeth and create clear contours. It is also a way of transitioning from non-symmetric to symmetrical teeth.
What Are the Benefits of Tooth Reduction Surgery?
We can sort out the benefits of tooth decrease surgery in this way.
Reduced bleeding and swelling in the teeth.
The tooth line becomes more symmetrical.
The smile is beautiful.
A better and proportionate combination of tooth and toothbrush is created.