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Sleeve Gastrektomi :
Tube Stomach surgery is the process of cutting out the left outer part of a laparoscopic scalpel. The main purpose of tube stomach surgery is to create a stomach with a volume of 120-150 ml to restrict food intake and reduce the time for food to reach the stomach.
By reducing the volume of the stomach it is possible to reduce the amount of food intake and decrease the level of the “ghrelin” hormone which causes the feeling of hunger, which is secreted from the upper left of the stomach

Mini Gastrik By-Pass :
Sleeve gastrectomy is performed by creating a thin tube and a thin and long pouch with a volume of 50-100 ml. Anastomosis is performed by bringing the intestine of the intestine, which is measured 150-200 cm forward, from the beginning of the small intestine (treitz) to the formed pouch. In addition to minimizing gastric volume, the patient loses weight due to the passage of food from the first 150-200 cm of the small bowel. Metabolic control is provided for comorbid diseases.

Roux-Y Gastrik By-Pass :
The midee is pouch shaped in a 30 ml bag. Anastomosis is made by bringing the small intestine into the pouch. Patients get rid of excess weight because of the reduced size of the stomach and the shortness of the food passage in the small bowel. At the same time, Metabolically, Type 2 diabetes is also an important success in diabetes. Patients are controlled for diabetes, cholesterol, and cholesterol levels.

Duodenal Switch (SADİ-S) : In addition to the sleeve gastrectomy, the stomach is separated from the duodenum (twelve fingernails). Anastomosis of the intestine in this level is performed in a loop form by going 250-300 cm towards the beginning from the last part of the small intestine.