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Facelift is one of the Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery operations. It is an operational method for removing facial sagging due to aging and wrinkles by stretching and hanging.

The facelift application, also known as the facelift procedure, meets the expectations of the patients at the maximum level with the latest aesthetic technology. As a result of facelift surgery, undesirable appearance in areas such as the forehead, face and neck skin is removed and the facial tissue is renewed.

What is Facelift?

Facelift is an operation that aims to improve the tired appearance of sagging and wrinkled skin. It’s a plastic surgery procedure, and the purpose of this surgery is to renew the appearance of the face and the neck. Facelift is one of the procedures that candidates who want to have a younger appearance, and it is preferred by both male and female candidates.

Facelift surgery, known as rhytidectomy, is preferred when the skin is worn out due to aging, exposure to excessive sunlight, smoking and alcohol. Every candidate who wants to look young and feel good can benefit from facelift surgery. Your self-confidence will be restored with this surgery which provides a visible youth on your face and skin.

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