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Penis Enlargement Aesthetics

Penis enlargement surgery is the surgical operation preferred by people who are not satisfied with their penis size. Penis enlargement, also known as penoplasty, is performed to change the size, length and thickness of the penis. Penis enlargement can be preferred for a variety of reasons.

This procedure, performed by a plastic surgeon and it takes between 45 and 60 minutes. The risks in every surgery can be also seen in penis enlargement surgery. The patient stays in the hospital for one night after the operation. The medical procedure is performed under general or sedation anesthesia.

Penis surgery is performed to lengthen the penis, increase its thickness or fix its curvature.

How is Penis Aesthetics Performed?

Penile aesthetics is usually performed under general anesthesia. There are different techniques in this surgery. These techniques are evaluated according to the patient’s complaint. While some patients want to lengthen the penis, others may prefer to thicken it.

Techniques which are applied in penile aesthetics are as follows:

Penis Lengthening

In the penis lengthening technique, it is aimed to increase the penis length by approximately 2 to 3 cm. In the surgery, the tendons connecting the penis to the pelvis are released and lengthening is performed in this way. Penis enlargement does not provide any change in erected penis size.