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Laminated Coating

Laminated coatings on teeth in the case of scratches and spots that occur on the teeth help the person to recover the aesthetic smile. This application that supports weakened tooth tissue is liked for its natural appearance and structure that does not look for a normal female. In My Doctor, which has succeeded in lamination in Turkey, you can get perfect teeth as a result of a smooth procedure.

What is Laminated Coating?

Thin shell-looking porcelain made of the same color as teeth. The teeth are covered and made to look clean. It changes the size and shape of the teeth. These stain-resistant materials provide long-lasting white. Problems such as tooth rotation can be caused by lamination.

Under what circumstances are laminate teeth covered?

It is a treatment that can be applied to women and men when they experience dental problems. Lamine dental coatings are made for patients who have aesthetic concerns due to problems in dental structures. If we resolve these issues;

  • Hereditary disorders in the structure of the teeth.
  • Curved and crooked teeth.
  • Filled and old.
  • Painted teeth whitening methods do not result.
  • The separate teeth.
  • Broken or worn teeth.

Who can’t use Laminated Coating?

Lamine dental treatment is not recommended for patients suffering from tooth withdrawal. In addition, it is not recommended for individuals who have disorders in the structure of the jaw and who have a problem with tooth scratching.

How to use laminate teeth?

In the application of laminate tooth coating, the opinions of the doctor and the patient are important. At the first session, a mouth measurement is performed and a sensitive study is carried out on this subject.

Measurements are tested on the model. On the model, the doctor and the patient decide by talking. The teeth are prepared. With the help of a special glue, laminate coatings are fixed to the teeth. The patient begins to use his teeth the same day. If the patient has problems with the teeth, the duration of the session can be extended to 2-3 sessions. After the treatment process begins, laminate teeth are applied.


What are the advantages of laminated coating?

  • Lamine tooth coating is harmless because it is not done to brush the teeth. The benefits of this can be described in this way.
  • The treatment time is short.
  • It is long-lasting and does not wear easily.
  • It does not require special care. Routine care is sufficient.
  • Lamine is a light-transmitting application. It has a natural appearance.
  • It provides an aesthetic smile.

How long does the leaf porcelain treatment take?
Depending on the number of teeth, the session will last longer. But the cleaning of the leafy porcelain will be completed in a short time.

What is the difference between coatings and crones?
The curves cover the teeth like a head. The coatings are only glued to the surface of the tooth like a shell.

What are the prices of laminate teeth in Turkey?
When calculating the price of laminate teeth in Istanbul, factors such as material quality are taken into account. The laboratory and the doctor’s experience are also among the factors that affect the price. The number of teeth, of course, also affects the price of laminate coating. You can contact us for detailed information.

Are Lamine Coatings Resilient?
This shell-shaped porcelain attached directly to the surface of the tooth is not expected to be easily separated from the teeth. They are not easily worn. Therefore, it is a rather long-lasting practice.