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The Zirconium Coating

In aesthetic dentistry, the use of metal has given way to derivatives such as zirconium coating. Zirconium containing white alloy instead of metal has become popular in aesthetic dentistry. Zirconium coating is a porcelain-based material and can also be applied to the rear teeth as it is used on the front teeth. This robust material offers an aesthetic solution for patients by making their life easier.

It is usually preferred by people with tooth decay or those who want to get a white smile. Excellent results are achieved with zirconium coating at My Doctor.

How to use Zirconium?

Zirconium tooth coating is a small scale treatment. Zirconia teeth are identified in the preliminary examination. The patient’s teeth are then photographed. Local anesthesia is performed before application. The teeth are shrunk to the appropriate size and the color selection is made. in 3-4 days, zirconium coatings are prepared and applied to the tooth.

Features of Zirconium

Here is the list of features of zirconium coatings;

  • It is pretty solid.
  • It is resistant to breaking and wear.
  • It passes through the light like a natural tooth mine.
  • It does not contain metal.
  • Compatible with tooth.
  • It is long-lasting.
  • Reduces the smell of mouth.
  • Because it does not contain metal, the risk of allergic reactions is small.
  • There is no sensitivity to hot and cold.
  • The surface is bright and smooth.
  • The recording does not exist.
  • It doesn’t lose its color easily.