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The E-Max Crown

In Turkey, e-max crown coating offers a solution to dental problems. Patients living in many countries in Turkey prefer Turkey because the cost of e-max dentures is cheaper than in other countries. In these cases, because broken, curved or curved teeth affect the self-confidence of the person, patients can use the e-max coating. In My Doctor, which is often preferred by those who want to perform dental curone treatment in Istanbul, you are offered affordable dental curone services by performing a professional procedure for you.

What is E Max?

E max crown coating is a procedure designed to give patients a realistic and natural-looking smile and is performed with special ceramics. IPS E-Max is a strong and beautiful ceramic material. This application, which is completely ceramic, does not contain metal. It looks completely natural. When the sun shines, it shines like a real tooth.

To whom is the Emperor’s Crown applied?
In what circumstances is the Emperor’s Crown applied? We can answer your question in this way.

E-Max Coating for Clogged Teeth
When the teeth are scratched, an e-max coating is used. It creates a perfect aesthetic appearance because they are resistant to bending structure.

E-Max Coating for Curved Teeth
E-max coating is used to restore the curved tooth structure, especially in the front area. It can be used in the design of smiles.
E-Max Coating for Treated Teeth
After canal treatment, teeth tend to become fragile. Aesthetically effective E-max coating can be used for the repair of fragile teeth.
E-Max Coating for Broken Teeth
In teeth broken due to tooth rupture or trauma, treatment can be applied with E-max coating.

How to Use Dental Care in Turkey?
In Istanbul, when tooth covering is done, the cover is placed on the tooth to see a helmet function. Thus, the shape, size, appearance and strength of the tooth are repaired. In Turkey, tooth covering is performed so that damaged and rotten teeth are not visible over the teeth line.

What are the advantages of E Max?
We can sort out the benefits of the E max crown coating in this way;
Compatible with your body.
It is long-lasting and quality.
The color can be selected and the variety is available.
It has a natural and aesthetic appearance.

What is the price of a dental cleaning in Turkey?
What is the price of dental crowns in Turkey? It is one of the frequently asked questions. You can get very cheap dental treatments in Turkey. You can contact us to get a price for this treatment made specifically for your needs.