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Hair Transplant

Hair plantation is one of the methods used to solve the problem of hairlessness.
In the literature, it is predicted that the hair taken from the government is not spilled. The graft that has been planted can show the same characteristics in the place where the hair planting is done. In the scope of the planting operations, These operations, including those who are completely bald, It will also be based on the entire head. In the scope of this operation which will be performed in the field of micro surgery, artificial hair roots are injected under the head skin; the time will be expected over time. In this way, surgical interventions based on hair restoration will also give positive results; it will be defined as an effective method of eliminating people’s baldness problem and the fact that everyone who chooses these operations is faced with successful results will also manifest itself as such a situation.
In general, hair transplantation can be applied to almost any patient suffering from male pattern hair loss. Men’s hair loss here is genetically susceptible to the effects of the male hormone. Together with these, cells that produce hair around the hair follicle die over time with the effect of this hormone. Thus, the hair first rubs, then begins to stretch and eventually pour completely. In those cases, hair transplantation is the definitive and permanent treatment. At the same time, hair transplantation can be applied to people who have had a trauma of burning after a trauma or after trauma, after controlling whether there is blood circulation in that area.

Fue Technique is the abbreviation of the term “FolicularUniteExtraction”. Follicular Unit is a process of extracting microfilm bundles in hair and hair, one by one and placing them in new places. The follicular units to be transported are taken with the hair and the individual special tools, and the roots are placed in their new places on the same day. This method, in principle, allows the removal of the hair in the body, as well as the combination with the FUT technique is possible.
The greatest advantage of the method is that the locations of the roots removed one by one are not apparent after healing, ie the enterprise does not leave a mark. In the FUE technique, the roots are recovered within 24 to 48 hours. Because it does not leave any marks, this technique makes it possible to use the cultivated hair by keeping it too short.

The FUT technique is an abbreviation of “Folicular Unit Transfer” in English. Ensede will always be stripped of a thin strip of hair that does not spill and will be erected to leave no trace. Then the roots taken from the strip are prepared with a fine workmanship and ready for planting. In this technique, more than one expert and team must work simultaneously. After a week, the patient has to visit the clinic again and see the sutures. In the FUT technique, a thin trace remains between the hair. The biggest advantage of this technique is that the hair does not need to be cut short.
Hair shaving is not required.
Especially in patients with white hair, the trail disappears completely.
It is ideal for women who do not want to shave hair and apply it in browsing.


Disturbances in blood circulation and genetic factors cause blood vessels that supply hair renewed and can not get oxygen, vitamins and organic nutrients. Thus, problems such as lack of hair, weakness or shedding occurs. Hair mesotherapy is applied to make the existing weakened, to lose hair, healthy and to hold on to their roots. By promoting blood circulation and feeding the roots, hair health is supported.